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Hourly and Fixed Rates
Hourly Priced Services
Estimates are provided based on the pricing lists below:
Service Call – Residential & Commercial

$150 minimum for first hour
$100/hr for each additional

Mounting Shelves, Photos, Artwork etc

Door Adjustments

Hardware Installation or Replacement

Smoke/CO Detector Install

Cabinet, Door, Drawer Repair

Leaking Faucet/Sink/Drain

Light Switch/Outlet Replacement

Light Bulb Replacement

Drywall Repair

Paint Touch Ups

Changing Filters

Smart Home Device Installation
(Alexa, Ring, Google Home, Nest etc.)

Ring Doorbell Install

Other Miscellaneous Repairs and Installations

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Fixed Price Services
(service call minimum applies)

TV Mount Installation - $250+

Fan Replacement - $200

Light Fixture Replacement - $75+

Garbage Disposal Replacement - $200

Toilet Replacement - $400

Note: Materials not included in hourly or fixed service price.

Maintenance Services

Service Call – Residential & Commercial

Basic Package

Filter Swap (HVAC Unit, Water, Water Softener etc.)

Bulbs & Batteries

Smoke & CO Detector Test

Smoke/CO Detector Install

Gutter Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Premium Package

Basic Package Services

2 Additional Scheduled Visits

Custom Package

Personalized Home Maintenance Plan

As many home visits as desired

Service plan tailored to your home & needs

Add On Options

Seasonal Startup & Shutdown

Leak Inspection (Faucets, Drains, Showers & Tubs)

Window, Door & Roof Inspection

Professional Handyman Services Near Me